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34,000 Structure Fires a Year Are Caused by Uncleaned Chimneys.
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Chimney Relining 

In time chimneys deteriorate.  When this happens the National Fire Protection Association requires that existing terracotta liners need to be replaced if cracked, broken, or missing.  Cracked clay tiles or missing mortar between joints can lead to a leakage of flue gasses into your home.  These gasses contain carbon monoxide, a deadly odorless gas.  Also,  cracks in the chimney liners can cause heat transfer to combustible material surrounding your chimney.  Both situations can compromise the health and safety of you and your family.  Our CSIA trained professionals can remove your damaged liners, and reline your chimney with UL listed stainless steel products. This is the least expensive option, much less than rebuilding your whole chimney.

Chimney Construction And Repairs

There are several reasons why chimneys deteriorate.  Many times the problems come from within the chimney.  Furnaces are higher efficiency and tend to give off more emissions causing the terracotta flue tiles to deteriorate and also the masonry that is exposed outside.  We specialize in repairing all brick, stone and block and other masonry chimneys.  Michael Kozlansky is a trained mason who will do all the repair work to your damaged chimney.  We also do re pointing work to chimneys that may have loose or missing mortar between the stone or masonry.

Services offered by trained professionals:

Chimney Cleaning

According to NFPA 211, chimneys should be cleaned and inspected annually.  Our CSIA certified chimney professional will come to your home to clean and fully inspect your chimney.  By getting on your roof the professional will check the cap, exterior of chimney and your flashing around the roof. By having this annual service the professional can detect any potential future problems that could damage your home or chimney and threaten the safety of your family. 

Our Team

Kristy Kozlansky

Office manager 

Joe Manaseri Jr.

Certified Chimney Sweep

Arian M. Kozlansky

Chimney Assistant

Cleaned Chimney and inspected for safety! Very professional and pleasant to deal with! A+ service!

Description of work performed:   Chimney Repair

Denise-Easton, PA

I was desperate for help. I live in the Lehigh Valley and already had an estimate from a local liner company, but they wouldn‘t return my phone calls. Another company I called said it was too difficult a job. So I joined Angies list to ensure I‘d have a professional, quality job. It was a Saturday and Complete Chimney answered the phone! Not only that, Mike and his son came that same day to give me an estimate. Their work was meticulous and they cleaned up afterwards. These guys specialize in difficult chimney work.

Kathryn-Northhampton PA

We had a couple of cracks in our chimney and he came out to repair it. He also separated the two pipes that went from our furnace and our wood stove. He also lined our chimney and insulated it. Member Comments: He came out right on time and we‘re so happy that we choose him. He was punctual, professional, and kind. He presented us with a lot of information and helped us choose the best options.

Beverly- Dalton, PA

We were very pleased with our service. I was surprised with the fast call back after leaving a message and how quick he was able to do the job. Michael did an excellent job sweeping our chimney. Left no mess, was very clean and professional! We will be calling Complete Chimney Service back next year to sweep our chimney and clean our dryer vent. 100% Satisfied

Lynn- Nazareth, PA

I called Mike Kozlansky about a leak in my chimney which traveled inside my attic. Mike responded to my phone call within 24 hours he came to my house,told me exactly what and how he would repair the chimney. Mike is exceptionally professional and informative.does what he says he‘s going to do and stands behind his work.In my opinion if you need Mr.Kozlansky for any work, you would be foolish not to retain his services.You will never be sorry.

Guy P.- Scranton, PA

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